Bad car smell can ruin a perfectly good day. A custom car air purifier is a must-have accessory to create a clean and breathable car environment. Not only will this help improve the air quality inside the car, but it can make passengers feel refreshed and revitalized.

Focusing on the road can be hard when you are constantly distracted by bad car odor. It is also necessary to keep the interior smelling good to keep your passengers at comfort. This custom car air purifier has a veritable effect on cabin air quality within minutes of being turned on.


Custom Car Air Purifier

Custom Car Air Purifier


Benefits of Custom Car Air Purifier

  • Portability

The custom air purifier can be easily plugged to the 12V car cigarette lighter to start purifying. So, this only takes a few seconds to set up and it can easily fit any convenient place.


Custom Car Air Purifier

Custom Car Air Purifier

  • Healthy Environment

Most unwanted odors come from cigarette smoke, pet excrement, and sweat, which are considered positive ions. These positive ions and allergens inside the car are neutralized by negative ions from the air purifier. This custom car air purifier comes with a multi-needle point ionization to achieve higher negative ion output and yield higher air purification efficiency.

  • Measure of Safety

The noise level from our custom car purifier is significantly low when compared to your car’s air blower. Thus, we assure you that our purifier does not create distracting sounds while driving. We even go further by taking necessary actions to ensure maximum safety from air pollutants.

  • Additional features

This custom car air purifier comes with a USB car adapter with dual ports. This will act as an extra port to connect your mobile device. They also protect your mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic devices safely against shorts, surges, and other dangers.



Custom Car Air Purifier

Custom Car Air Purifier

To Conclude…

You can customize the car air purifier by your brand logo printed on the outside. This seems to be an excellent tool to increase brand recognition and to promote your brand. This innovative car air purifier can also be a corporate gift for clients and employees to show that you value and appreciate them. Offering high-quality gifts that are guaranteed to improve their everyday life will also increase their working morale.

Furthermore, car companies can also give them away as a special add-on or gift for their clients. Car owners will surely appreciate the brand for offering useful and innovative automotive promotional items.


Why ODM?

In need of custom car air purifier and other high-quality branded promotional merchandise? Feel free to contact us. The product code of the custom car air purifier is ODM-2979. We ensure that your product will reflect your brand for years to come.

Our team delivers high-quality custom promotional products to meet your expectations. We can design and customize the custom car air purifier to your needs. With years of work experience in the industry, you can always rely on us in terms of product quality.

We also work closely with our suppliers and designers. Our professionals have vast knowledge in creative designs and offer reliable products at budget-friendly costs. This will help to boosts your business to greater heights. We also have an in-house design team, Mindsparkz, that can help with innovative branded promotional products and promotional product designs for your business.


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