ODM offices will all be closed tomorrow for New Years Day.   It is a great day to reflect on last year and to look forward to the future.

2009 has been a very busy year for our group and all our staff worked really hard.   We have expanded our teams and now have staff in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and the UK.   ODM launched many new product lines and services, developed multiple websites and embraced new media.   We exhibited at new trade shows such as the HK Electronics show.  Many new clients signed up with ODM and they have worked more closely than ever with us thanks to innovative IP and new product development initiatives.   Strong initiatives have been taken to improve partnerships with key factories and this will continue.

Next year we will be launching more inventions than ever before with Mindsparkz and would encourage all our clients and friends to subscribe to our blog on top right of this page or follow us on twitter to keep in contact and get all our latest news..

Have a great year in 2010.  It will soon be the Chinese New Year also and looking forward to seeing what the Tiger brings.