When you hear the word smoking pipe, what comes to mind? We often think of that traditional wooden pipe that people use to smoke tobacco. While still stylish, you cannot always carry that in your jeans pocket, right? Fret not, there is a new and improved smoking pipe design that is perfect for the new generation.

The tobacco industry seems to be expanding massively over the years. With a huge demand for tobacco products, it is considered a very competitive and lucrative industry. As this blog caught your interest, you are probably a business looking for an innovative product idea to keep up with the trends in the industry.

We present to you this credit card size smoking pipe. If your main target market is tobacco and cannabis users, then this is an excellent new product to introduce to your customers. Recreational smoking of cannabis is allowed in some countries, and this will certainly be useful to your customers.

Credit Card Shape Modern Smoking Pipe Design

Modern Smoking Pipe Design

Modern Smoking Pipe Design


Made from Stainless Steel – This material is durable and very easy to clean. With proper maintenance, customers can keep this product hygienic and safe to use.

Compact and Portable: Measuring 50 x 38 cm, and with a slim design, this smoking pipe is certainly compact and lightweight. With its slim design, customers can just slip them in their jeans pockets, wallets, and bags.

Application: This is ideal for smoking tobacco and herb weed.


What’s the Secret of this Modern Smoking Pipe Design?

  • It consists of 5 magnetic layers that make this credit card pipe stay together while in use.
  • There is a small bowl that connects to the pipe
  • The smoking pipe is also designed in such a way that the smoke will travel through the long pipe so that the smoke could cool down before it goes through your lungs.
  • You can easily disassemble the magnetic layers of this credit card pipe, making it more accessible for cleaning.
Modern Smoking Pipe Design

Modern Smoking Pipe Design


Totally convenient and discreet, this modern smoking pipe design is ideal for your brand. With its minimalistic yet very functional design, it will definitely attract attention. It is certainly a great conversation-starter at parties and events.

This will speak loudly to the market, and consumers will absolutely love to share this with their cannabis-smoking friends. Ideal for cigarettes, tobacco, and even drinking brands— who would not get thrilled with this innovative product?


Why Offer This Unique Smoking Pipe?

Increasing profit as new consumers gets allured to your product.

We have not seen anything like this before. The stealthy and discreet features of this credit card pipe are definitely intriguing. People will surely be encouraged to check out how convenient this portable smoking pipe is. It will also make a great unique promotional gift idea to welcome them to your brand. Happy and satisfied customers tend to recommend anything they find alluring to their friends. And positive word of mouth always leads to higher sales in the long run.

It helps to boost the trust of existing customers.

Continuously producing innovative and unique products will undoubtedly boost the confidence and ensure the trust of your existing customers. With this credit card pipe, you are totally showing your customers that you know the trend. Whether you are offering these metal pipes as retail merchandise or a marketing gift, they will no doubt improve how customers perceive your brand.


Modern Smoking Pipe Design

Modern Smoking Pipe Design


Keeps high customer retention.

As a custom promotional item, it can help to keep your existing customers loyal to your brand. Providing them this credit card pipe will be totally convenient for them, especially those who are always on the go.

Improves the relationship between your business and your consumers.

Your brand’s genuineness and the remarkable products you offer will definitely result in a good relationship between you and your consumers. Communicating with your consumers and hearing what they expect and what they need from a brand will help you flourish in the market.


Building Your Brand Image

Thanks to its modern design, this metal smoking pipe can help them to have a discreet performing portable device that they can take anywhere they go. The interaction between your brand and your consumers is truly essential in building your brand image. It helps your customers and the onlookers to assess what your brand is all about and create a perception based on what they have found.

Modern Smoking Pipe Design

Modern Smoking Pipe Design

As this is made from Stainless steel, designing your metal pipe is a breeze. You can have lots of options, ranging from screen-printing, acid etching, and laser etching. The possibilities are endless! You can even offer them as a premium corporate gift for select clients and VIPs. As for the design, you can be bold (with lots of colors and complex designs) if you are targeting the millennials and Gen Z’s. If you are looking to offer them to your clients and business partners, a simple and neat design would be ideal.

We offer customization and in-depth design modification for your brand to make them suitable for your marketing campaign’s theme. There are a lot of customization options available and we can include your brand’s name, logo, or message on each item. Don’t hesitate to tell us what’s in your mind. Let’s make your ideas come to life!

Do you need help with creating a custom smoking pipe design? Contact the ODM Group today! Quote, product code ODM-3517 when contacting our team.

Here at ODM, we make sure to stay up to date with fresh, innovative promotional merchandise ideas in the market. We also make sure that we customize your products according to your branding requirements. Send us an email; we would love to hear from you!


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