Minute maid is currently offering a container as a giveaway. This promotion can be found at Walmart, Zhuhai. Simply purchase any 1.5 litre of Minute maid pulpy orange juice and this container is all yours!

Giveaway by Minute Maid - Container

Giveaway by Minute Maid – Container

Produced by the Coca-Cola Company, the world’s leading marketer of premium fruit juices and drinks, there are now more than 100 different flavors and varieties of Minute Maid that are readily available just about anywhere you find people with a thirst for good living.

Why did Minute Maid use this container as a giveaway?

This container is a practical giveaway that is apt for families. It can be used to store food like snacks and cookies and even accessories. It is your personal choice! There is a Chinese character,福, that is imprinted on the container and this character symbolizes blessing. As this character is always used for  Chinese New Year, you can use the container to store new year goodies for your guests. Other than that, you can even bake some cookies and store them in this container to give it to your friends and family.

How can this container help to increase sales for Minute Maid?

This container is one giveaway that would leave the consumers with a good impression of the brand. Every consumer likes promotions as it makes their purchase feel more worth it. An effective marketing plan is one which makes use of giveaways to attract more customers’ attention.

With giveaways, customers would feel satisfied after their purchase and spread word about it to their friends and family. Word of mouth is the fastest, cheapest and most efficient marketing method that most companies use. Through this method, it will help to increase brand awareness for Minute Maid which would in turn generate more sales in the long run.

Some Chinese words for our readers:

美汁源正在珠海的沃尔玛有个促销。 每买一瓶1.5 litre的柳橙汁的话,美汁源就会赠送一个小容器。这个容器可以装任何东西,从食物到手饰都可以装。这个容器上有硬刷一个福字所以你也可以装一些饼干来送给亲戚朋友们吃,新年时也可以用来装一些新年的零食。这个容器不但方便,还有很多用处呢!