Custom Branded Rolling Tray: Unique Promo Idea to Activate Brand

If you are in the tobacco and cannabis industry, this custom printed rolling tray will help hype up your brand. This branded cigarette accessory allows customers to roll and puff their favorite herb right away. As it has a lot of benefits to offer to customers, this promotional item would give you the edge to stand out among competitors.


custom printed rolling tray

Custom Printed Rolling Tray

This branded tray allows smokers to master the art of rolling perfect joints. As a result, they tend to buy themselves this item, contributing to your brand sales generation.

What’s Weed This Wooden Rolling Tray?

This wooden rolling tray is absolutely a great promotional product idea. Offering this to your customers, makes them patronize your brand even more. As this product allows them to easily stash their herbs, they would not be forced to use pre-rolled cones anymore. Thus, this rolling tray would intensify your customers’ smoking experience.

A wooden rolling tray is a special kind of tray with a flat surface that allows users to perfectly roll their tobacco/weed. Moreover, it has exceptional features that can satisfy your customers and you as well.


1. The tray has multiple compartments.

Keep on rolling, avoid making a mess. This promotional product has different useful compartments that make herbs rolling more convenient. The tray can hold all the cigarette accessories needed during the rolling session.

There are slots provided for lighter, cones, and grinders. Moreover, there are two sections for rolling. The bigger compartment serves as space for the scooper, cone holder, and rolling piece. It also has an ashtray to keep the ashes off the table. Having compartments would lessen the mess that comes with smoking tobacco or cannabis.

custom printed rolling tray

custom printed rolling tray


2. The rolling tray is guaranteed to be durable.

Made from raw natural bamboo, this product is guaranteed to serve its purpose for a long time. Commonly used for house furniture, bamboo is known for its sturdy properties. In addition, this rolling tray can resist bends or break while using it. Compared with other trays available in the market, this wooden tray is undeniably of higher quality. Likewise, it is easier to make since they are handcrafted.

custom printed rolling tray

Custom Printed Rolling Tray


Keeping it clean may help to maintain its life longer. Using water in cleaning the item may cause structural issues. Furthermore, soaking it with water is not recommended, thus it should be wiped down with a clean cloth instead.

Proven to be sturdy, you may use this custom printed rolling tray as your tobacco promotional product, thus helping you save your resources.


3. The tray is foldable and adjustable.

This item has neodymium magnets that allow users to adjust it based on their needs. The magnet makes the tray to be easily closed, lay it open, or separate the two pieces to make two rolling sessions. This feature allows two rolling sessions simultaneously.


custom printed rolling tray

Wooden Custom Printed Rolling Tray


4. The product is portable.

Since this promotional bamboo product can be folded and adjusted, it can be easily transported from one place to another. Handy, users may carry it anytime and anywhere.

The product measures 42*24*2CM and weighs 1.05kgs. Thus, it suits perfectly inside luggage or vehicles. The portability gives the users the pleasure of puffing their tobacco and herbs even while on travel. They can easily carry it while hiking, camping, and on a road trip. Easy to carry, this handy tray can help you advertise your brand for free. That’s definitely a win-win.

5. The rolling tray is highly customizable.

Roll it, puff it! This portable tray is absolutely customizable. It is very flexible in terms of design so it can be made to reflect your brand. As the item is excellent for printing designs, it would be a perfect canvas to imprint your customers’ design, your brand logo, or your name as well.

custom printed rolling tray

Custom Printed Rolling Tray

Printing your brand name or logo to this wooden tray gives your brand the advantage to get high publicity. Moreover, this rolling tray is very cost-effective, hence investing in this promo item won’t cause any pain in your pocket.


How this Custom Printed Rolling Tray can keep your sales rolling?

With its functionalities and classic aesthetic appeal, this custom printed rolling tray is ideal as a GWP, event giveaways, client gifts, and a promotional product.

custom printed rolling tray

Custom Printed Rolling Tray


As a Gift with Purchase Item

Perfect for tobacco and cannabis smokers, this rolling tray is something that they will appreciate and would love to get. The urge to get this free item would encourage them to avail of your product, resulting in impulse buying.

Gift with purchase are items that are relevant to the product being advertised. Hence, you may offer this rolling tray as a complimentary for your cigarette products available in stores.


As a Promotional Product

There are different smoking accessories available in the market. And surely it is hard for you to decide which one is best to utilize. Understanding what your clients’ needs give you an idea of what promotional product to offer.

Its innovative and practical features help boost your brand’s competitive advantage. Crafted using high-quality material, this product will definitely add value to your brand as well.


As a Client Gift

Gift giving is indeed a ritual to every business. It simply shows their appreciation to their valued customers. Hence, sending them such a highly functional product will be reciprocated with trust and loyalty to your brand. Happier and satisfied clients mean better chances for positive leverage of your business.


As an Event Giveaway

There are various events held every year. And participating in those events could help your brand gain awareness and publicity. Thus, offering this item as your brand giveaways would help for brand retention and recall. Though the event was over, your brand will stay on top of your clients’ minds as they have this product as a souvenir.


To Sum it Up…

The backflip bamboo rolling tray is certainly one of the latest and stylish offerings in the world of rolling-your-own. And there is no denying that the increasing numbers of smokers, ask for a higher demand for cigarette accessories.  Therefore, offering this featured product would be the perfect option for your brand.

As different restrictions are implemented when it comes to promoting tobacco and cannabis, as well as the products related to them,  you as a brand must be aware of the laws implemented in your clients’ area and country.

Contact ODM

Are you looking for a new promotional product idea for your tobacco or cannabis dispensary? Search no more! This custom printed rolling tray can help you heat up your sales and hype up your brand. Specifically designed to bring convenience to smokers out there, this tray would be perfect to offer in the market. Send us an email and quote the product code: ODM- 3478.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a rolling tray?

A rolling tray is a special kind of tray that is used for tobacco or cannabis rolling sessions. It helps smokers to roll the herbs into perfect blunt or joint. It has different features that allow the users to make rolling easy.

What materials are used in making rolling tray?

A rolling tray can be made of wood (bamboo, cedar, oak, etc.) There are rolling trays made from metal and plastic. But among these three, the wooden rolling tray is the most durable.

What is the size of a rolling tray?

Rolling trays may come in various sizes. But this wooden rolling tray measures 44*24*2CM and weighs 1.5kgs.


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