Many people would like to receive a drinks promotional product that would be highly beneficial for them. One of the classic drink giveaways is a custom logo bottle opener. Besides being very practical and useful, with its price, you’ll never drown in debt to have them customized for your company. The latest custom bottle opener we are about to show you is very unique from the previous ones we have featured here. But, is it just a passing trend to impress your customers? Or, is it a total hype to increase your sales and brand awareness? 

Made from silicone, it has a solid nice grip on any bottle cap. What’s more, having many sides make it very easy to hold.

Promotional Idea for Beverage Marketing

In the beverage industry, the quality of your products might not just be enough. You need super hype promotional drinks products and drink promo ideas that will set you apart from your competitors. The latest custom bottle opener is an awesome drink promo gift to level up your brand. So, here are some enthralling ideas about these custom bottle openers. 

  • An essential need

Sometimes removing the cap off of a water bottle can be challenging. So delight your customers with this branded bottle opener. Relief will be felt upon knowing that there is a tool that can make uncapping bottles so much easier and faster. As such, there is an actual need for something as simple as this product.

custom logo bottle opener

custom logo bottle opener

  • Customizable 

The saying, “shout out to be heard” also applies in marketing. Since this bottle opener is customizable, you can place your branding details on it. This will make your brand remarkable to your customers. Making it more personal makes it easier to familiarise them with your business.

custom logo bottle opener

custom logo bottle opener

  • Ergonomic Design

The octagon shape of the product certainly makes this tool more convenient to use because the sides can be easily held by the users. It is made to a size that perfectly fits in the size of the standard bottle. This product is available in different colors that make the design more appealing and interesting. 

custom logo bottle opener

  • Highly beneficial to customers but budget-friendly on your end. 

This product is budget-friendly yet provides great functionality so this is something customers will surely love to have. As a beverage marketing product, it makes a great marketing giveaway. It is also very small that it can fit your jeans pockets, so customers would find this very easy to use and bring wherever they go. From a marketer’s perspective, it makes economical sense to invest in this item as the practicality of the product makes it a very portable advertising medium that will not easily be forgotten. Billboards fade and get damaged, online ads can be skipped, and TV ads are easy to ignore, but a promotional product has lasting effects that will not be easily overlooked.

Custom Logo Bottle Opener is Hype! 

The customizable promotional tool helps to effectively promote your products in a sea of thousands of competitors. A not-so-big investment can turn into more sales. The “life-hacks” you are providing to your customers through this is wonderful. With that said, we can say that this is don’t just look cool but a total hype! It can greatly advertise your drinking business in more ways than one. It might be a simple bar tool but it does an excellent job for you. 

custom logo bottle opener

custom logo bottle opener

How Can ODM help?

Are you looking for innovative promotional merchandise ideas that can help to increase your sales? ODM are experts in providing exceptional marketing ideas that best fit clients’ marketing goals. Interested in getting this custom logo bottle opener? The product code is ODM – 3547. Send us an email. We’d love to hear from you!

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