Hershey’s has currently introduced a customized neoprene bag into their marketing campaign. Simply purchase chocolates made by the Reesy’s, Hershey’s or Hershey’s Kisses brands for a certain cost, and get a fantastic bag to keep your chocolates in.

Customized Neoprene Bag - GWP by Hershey's

Customized Neoprene Bag – GWP by Hershey’s

Why would a customized neoprene bag make a great addition to your promotional campaign?

While working on the marketing gift for your next campaign you should always consider two different aspects – that the gift is useful and that it has an appealing design. This way you will get great results and will ultimately boost your sales.

You can easily spot this customized neoprene bag on the store shelf from a long distance. The bright design and flashy logos is a sure way to attract consumer’s attention. The bag isn’t just a standard promotional item, as it is also acts as convenient packaging for your purchases. As the neoprene material is resistant to temperature changes it can perfectly protect your chocolate goodies from melting.

Customized neoprene bag - GWP by Hershey's

Customized neoprene bag – GWP by Hershey’s

Neoprene has great characteristics, that make it a fantastic promotional opportunity, such as it begin:

• Retains heat or cold
• Waterproof
• Resistant to temperature changes
• Resistant to mechanical and chemical damage
• Durable
• Environmentally friendly and safe for the skin

The material itself is very light and at the same time it remains flexible and rather durable. Promotional items made of neoprene can be easily customized with the clients design and logo. The shape of the product can be easily customized as well. Branding and customization of your promotional items make them unique and increases your brand awareness, which helps to boost your sales.

Neoprene is very popular for the production of promotional bottle cases, for the wine and beer industry. But the field of usage is much wider. Due to its characteristics the neoprene is a perfectly suitable for the cases for phones, tablets, laptops and cameras, apparel, and even has a use in high-end packaging.

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