This summer Crabtree & Evelyn is having a series of in store promotions. One of the in store promotion is a limited edition Crabtree & Evelyn notebook set with a purchase of S$150. This notebook is a spiral notebook with floral prints and an elastic band, branded with Crabtree & Evelyn’s logo. There are 2 sizes of notebooks in this set, a small notebook and a large one. This in store promotion can be found at any Crabtree & Evelyn store in Singapore.

Crabtree & Evelyn has been using fresh flowers, herbs and fruits to make quality beauty products since 1973. From its humble beginnings as a small family-run business, the brand is now international, being sold in over 40 countries with 350 stores worldwide.

Summer In Store Promotion by Crabtree and Evelyn

Summer In Store Promotion by Crabtree and Evelyn

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What are the benefits of an in store promotion?

Many benefits can be reaped from organizing an in store promotion. In store promotions are especially important to brands that open stores in shopping malls and are surrounded by many competing brands.

Firstly, an in store promotion helps to draw attention to your store. When shoppers see that you are offering a gift with purchase or having some other sort of promotion, they would be curious. This leads them to walk into your store and have a look at your products. Having a crowded store is always a good thing as it helps to gain popularity for your store.

After enticing customers to walk into your store, the promotion will entice them to purchase your products. Customers will buy to the minimum purchase amount in order to receive the complimentary gift. This helps to bring in more sales for the company, adding to the profits reaped.

Lastly, an in store promotion is a good way to gain the loyalty of customers. When customers are satisfied with the products purchased and gift received, they form a good impression of your store. This will help to encourage repeat purchases, leading to a strong and loyal customer base.

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