Gift-with-purchase: Using Marketing magnet effectively

Let your creativity run free with this marketing magnet! The marketing magnet allow you to construct as many shapes and forms as you wish. The following image demonstrates some examples:

Magnetic toy promotional idea

This marketing magnet is innovative because it allows you to go wild with your creativity and create anything under the sun! It will appeal to all age groups and may even act as an inspiration to inventions.

The balls come in various colours; to name a few, silver, gold, black and red. However, as they can be easily customised you can choose whichever colour you wish.

Examples of different colours of the product.

Furthermore, you may want to consider the packaging. ODM would suggest personalising the marketing magnet according to the theme you’re going for e.g. Christmas theme…or keep it nice and simple with the company’s emblem. We highly recommend printing your logo on the packaging as this elevates brand recognition. The marketing magnet come in either a round or cube-shaped metal tin.

Circular shaped packaging promotional idea

Cube-shaped packaging promotional idea

Using the marketing magnet as gift with purchase

The marketing magnet could be used in conjunction with other similar products such as toys. Customers will be more enticed to purchase the main product as they percieve that they will be recieving an additional free toy which makes the deal have a higher value compared to other products that do not have a gift-with-purchase item!


How can ODM help your business?

At ODM, we specialize in manufacturing custom Promotional Products. We have over 15 years of experience in the marketing industry, working with major clients such as Konami and BBC. Contact us to know more about our products or services.

Additionally, we have a sister company, Mindsparkz, that specializes in all things design. We offer web, graphic, and product design, as well as product brainstorming sessions and a retainer program.

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Frequently asked questions:

What is a gift with purchase?

It is a promotion in the form of a free or a discounted item upon the purchase of one or more other products. For example, “3 for 1”, or “buy 2 get one half price” or “your free gift when you spend $50”.

How to make gifts with purchase profitable?

The key to making gift-with-purchase incentives worthwhile is to offer something of value to your customers that is cheap.

How does gift with purchase boost sales?

Studies show that positive emotions toward a brand or seller have a great influence on decisions to buy and consumer loyalty. Creating a reward system triggers an emotional response in the buyer.

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