Promo Flags For Outdoor Marketing Campaigns

After months of hibernating from the cold weather, only seeing the outside world through a pane of glass, summer brings all different kinds of potential for outdoor marketing, one of which being Promo Flags. They are useful for any company that sells products outside or needs something exciting in front of their office. Car retailers like Volkswagen would find these as great promotional tools for their show rooms.

Outdoor Marketing With Promo Flags

Outdoor Marketing With Promo Flags

Promo Flags can come in a range of any design colour and size, offering businesses a variety of ways to get their brand recognised while at the same time giving plenty of potential to suit any outdoor marketing campaign.

Outdoor Marketing With Promo Flags

Outdoor Marketing With Promo Flags

Why Promo Flags Should Be Your Next Door Marketing Campaign

  • Promo Flags are great at attracting attention. The windier the day the more likely the flag is to move frantically with the wind. Therefore with more movement it can gain more attention as the energy expressed brings customers eyes to your brand name and even your store.
  • The flags can also be easily customised to suit whatever you are promoting, be it a product or your company – the variance in design is unlimited. These can be small and fun shaped¬†or large, attention grabbing flags that gently sway in the wind with a huge logo. Either way a flag is the perfect POS.
  • With the flag being double sided, it means that not only will it attract the attention of customers in one direction, like a display or poster does, but it will work with customers from all different angles – preventing restrictions on brand awareness.
Outdoor Marketing With Promo Flags

Outdoor Marketing With Promo Flags

These capes, while having the potential to be given away at trade shows and events, particularly for children, they can also be hung up as an innovative flag idea. They can also be used to make an outdoor mascot stand out as a super hero.

If you are interested in having a promo flag manufactured for your next summer marketing item then contact us today for a quote and we will be happy to help. We also offer a wide range of other promotional products to help you get your company name known.

If you’re interested in these specific products please quote ODM –¬†1207 when speaking to our sales team.

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