Tanduay is currently offering promo gifts as part of their promotional efforts. With every purchase of a bottle of 5 year/65/ESQ Tanduay Rum (750ml), consumers stand a chance of winning prizes. To check if they have won a prize, the consumer simply has to look under the cap of his bottle of rum for indications. The major prizes are: LCD TV, iPad, PS Vita, Sony W630, Sumsung S5300, Skullcandy Headphones, Rudy Project sunglasses and cash.  Tanduay is also offering promo gifts as minor prizes. These promo gifts are Baller I.D.’s, I.D. lace tags, T-shirts, lighters and baseball caps. This promotion was found in Manila, Philippines.

Tanduay is a company with a long history in manufacturing rum. The company started in 1854 in Manila, Philippines. The company now has 4 manufacturing plants, with 8 international distributors and many local distributors.

Promo Gifts by Tanduay

Promo Gifts by Tanduay

What’s interesting about this promotion

We find this promotion interesting as Tanduay has combined prizes and promo gifts into this promotion. The variety of prizes that can be won helps to enhance this promotion and make it attractive. When consumers buy the bottle of rum, they would hope to receive the major prize. In order to maximize consumer satisfaction, Tanduay offers promos gifts to ensure that more customers can receive something. This promotion mechanism is rarely seen.

Benefits of promo gifts

Promo gifts aid brand recall. When consumers receive a promo gift, they would either use or keep it. Whenever they use or see the item, they would remember your brand. When they see similar items, there is a high chance that your brand name would flash across their mind. Having customers to be able to recall your brand easily is an advantage. When they need a product next time, they would instantly think of your brand as one of the brand to purchase from.

Another benefit of promo gifts is that they improve customer loyalty. Offering promo gifts makes customers feel valued. When customers feel valued, they would continue supporting the brand. Customer loyalty is key to the success of a company.